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USC Provincial Notes
September 2, 2005

Dear Confreres,

Our confreres along the Gulf Coast have sent more news as to the situation there. Here's the current location of some of our refugees:

Provincial Joe Simon is now based at Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Lafayette LA, to coordinate communications from there. Bob Pung is also there.

Jim Pawlicki, Tom Potts, Sebastian Myladiyil and George Gormley remain at the Bay. There are around 20 refugees from town staying with them there, where they continue to cook outside and have started some basic clean-up efforts.

George Artis is now in Opelousas, having returned from dialysis in Mobile, along with Bernard Assenyoh, Tony Hemphill, and Francis Damoah. Alfred Ayem, Bob Fisher, and Samuel Adjei are at Notre Dame in St. Martinville. Stan Plutz is in Eunice. Gus Wall is in Maurice.

The only confrere that no one has heard from yet is Jerome LeDoux, out of St. Augustine's in New Orleans. We continue to pray for his safety.

The confreres are moving about as they take on different tasks, so their locations continue to shift from day to day.

Below is the text of a message from Gus Wall, describing in more detail some of the situation. Let us continue to keep our confreres and all those suffering through this time in our thoughts and prayers.


Mark Weber