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From: Kofi Fianu, svd
Date: Saturday, September 03, 2005 2:38 PM
Subject: News from Assegnoh

News from Bernard Assegnoh

Dear Gabriel,

Below is copy of an e-mail I received from Bernard Assenyoh. As he expressed it himself, so I also think it would be good to let confreres and friends in Ghana know that he and Bro Francis are safe.

Kofi Fianu

Thanks Fr. Fianu!

Actually i was with Brother Francis. We were trapped in the city for 3 days but got rescued providentially on the fourth day and evacuated to a city located about 150 miles west of New Orleans. My parish and the city is under water. Many have died, and i am still trying to check on others.

Some of my parishioners who either evacuate before or after the storm now live as refugees in the city where i have now assumed my new assignment as a pastor. The emotional and psychological breakdown caused by the sight of this calamity seems to suggest that my former parishioners need me with them at this time more than ever to help heal, restore and encourage. I will be meeting with the provincial tomorrow on that issue. But i want you to know and through you everyone that Brother Francis and I made it, and we are alive and well have been rescued to a safer city. From the estimation of officials, it will take over six months to drain and flash out the water from the city, then another six months to a year to rebuild the city; Hence our folks will live in exile until after a year or more.

Please remember my former parishioners -St. Paul the Apostle parish of New Orleans, Louisiana, in your prayers.

Once again, thanks a bunch!