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From: USC Provincial Mark Weber
Date: Sunday, September 04, 2005 11:51 PM
Subject: All Accounted For!

Dear Confreres,

Below is the text of a message from Provincial Joe Simon of the Southern Province letting us know that Jerome LeDoux has been located, still in New Orleans but alive and alright. He was the only SVD of the province who had not been located, so now we thank God that all the men have survived! peace,



Fr. Jerome LeDoux has been found. He is holed up at a parish in New Orleans, probably St. Augustine's.

The firemen have ordered him to evacuate. It seems that the place is a little island in the midst of distruction.

A relative of his called, concerned that he refuses to evacuate since the firemen stated they will return only once more to rescue him. She wanted someone who could put pressure on him to leave.

The message is being conveyed to him that I have ordered him to leave and go to one of our places, either in Texas or Louisiana.

I hope that this will work but I am not sure. If I remember correctly his Canon Law doctoral thesis was on ways to avoid or evade ecclesiastical censures!!

Joe Si