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From: Renee Chvalovsky
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 3:44 PM


Southern Province Provincial, Fr. Joe Simon made a trip to Maurice to communicate this update. He will be in Baton Rouge on Thursday for the funeral of Mr. John Mascaro, who donated money for the erection of the Retreat Center. The funeral is at the cathedral in Baton Rouge at 2:00 p.m. Thursday. Please remember John Mascaro and his family in your Masses and prayers.

The clean-up is progressing. However, the lack of electricity makes it impossible for the service company to complete the drying and removal of mold and mildew. The Province Office and the residence are in shambles. It was necessary to gut both places. We lost a lot of files to the eight feet of water in the office. I believe it is time to rebuild a smaller residence and a more efficient office.

The first floor of St. Augustine's residence received extensive damage from the water and mud. Almost all of the furnishings had to be dumped because of water and mildew damage. Beds, desks, sofas, and most of the furnishings must be replaced.

The Retreat Center got eight feet of water and mud, and then mildew. All the furnishings must be replaced. Sheet rock has been removed. The architect has serious doubts about the stability of the ply-wood that holds the bricks to the buildings. He fears that mildew and mold have taken their toll there.

The residence will not be ready for the return of the confreres to the Bay before November 1. Fr. Joe Miller has offered some rooms at Riverside and Fr. Mark Weber has offered accommodations at East Troy and Bordentown.

Help from outside crews will not be useful until the mildew and mold have been removed and some reconstruction has started. There is nothing volunteers can do at this time. Once restoration has been completed, we will need volunteers to set up furnishings and get rooms ready. The insurance company will cover repairs - restoration might be another question.

As a sign of endurance of St. Augustine's all of the outside statues remained intact. The historical marker in front of the chapel, was ripped from its deep foundation, while St. Augustine's statue, twenty feet away suffered no damage. In fact some Spanish moss remains and some trees have begun to spout branches and leaves.