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Fr. Patricio de los Reyes, SVD

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Patricio de los Reyes, SVD

From: tonysvd rebello
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 7:53 PM
Subject: Fr.Patricio flown to Garden City Clinic, Brickstone,Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Confreres,

Greetings and love from Botswana.

Fr. Patricio greets you all and thanks you for your special prayers for him.

When we visited him, today he was relaxed though he still felt the pains all over the body as the sedation has been reduced. Infact this is a good sign. We are very glad for his miraculous recovery. He recalls everything and the names of the persons who visited him, during the time he was hospitalized. He also relates how the attack took place and how helpless he was. He dreams about the attack that disturbs his sleep. Otherwise he is happy and jovial and jokes as usual.

It was nice that Fr. Joseph Ruma, asked Patricio to speak to his sister Jennifer in USA on the cell phone. Patricio was very happy to speak to his sister and his sister felt a lot of relief talking to her brother and knowing that he is recovering. His sister Jennifer is arriving in Johannesburg on the 26th November 2005.

The Med-Rescue team came in the morning and again at 11am to visit Fr.Patricio at the Francistown Hospital. They were surprised to see Fr. Patricio's recovery. They had seen him on the first day and so they noticed the big difference. One of them said it was a miraculous Recovery. Dr. Katumba was very happy to hand over Fr.Patricio to the Med-Rescue team.Dr Katumba took very special care of Fr.Patricio. We are very grateful for his tender loving care. Fr.Patricio was taken to the Ambulance of the Med-Rescue team at 12 noon, and at 12.25 was flown to Johannesburg from the Francistown Airport accompanied by Fr.Tadeusz Grenda. He arrived in Johannesburg within two hours flying time.

Fr. Gabriel Afagbegee was at the Garden City Clinic, Brickstone, Johannesburg to receive Fr.Patricio accompanied by Fr.Tadeusz Grenda. Talking to Fr. Gabriel over the phone he said that they had a safe flight and now Fr.Patricio is being attended at the Clinic and is comfortable and relaxed.

Fr.Jean Chrysostome who is in Malamulele, quite a distance from Johannesburg probably more than 500km, plans to be visiting Fr.Patricio. Fr. James is still on home leave.

Thanking the Lord for his love and care, let us continue to pray for the complete recovery of Fr. Patricio.

Yours fraternally,

Tony Rebello svd

From: tonysvd rebello
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2005 5:21 PM
Subject: Fr.Patricio in good spirits

Dear Confreres,

Greetings from Botswana.

Just rang Fr. Tadeus today and he said Fr.Patricio was taken to the theatre to get his left hand fixed as it was not fractured but dislocated. He continued that it was a bit painful for Fr.Patricio. But he seems to be in good spirits.

Again the doctors discovered a very small clot in the brain. But this is not a problem as they said as they will try to get rid of it with some medication. He also added that in a week time Patricio will be out of the clinic staying around the Clinic just to have check ups.

Let us keep on thanking the Lord and praying for Patricio's complete recovery.

Fratenally yours,


From: tonysvd rebello
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 7:22 PM
Subject: Fr.Patricio begins to walk

Dear Confreres,

Greetings from Botswana.

I soon as I rang Fr.Tadeusz, the first good news he gave me was that Fr.Patricio is on the move, walking around. Thanks be to God. And he added that Jennifer, Patricio sister is with Patricio, who arrived from the USA yesterday just to be with her brother.

Then Patricio spoke and he seemed very happy and said he was very glad that his sister Jennifer is with him. He sounded good and and said the doctors told him that the blood blot that he has in the brain will be drained by an injection a. He sends his love to you all and thanks you all your prayers for him.

Let us thank our good Lord for his marvelous deed and the gradually and speedy recovery of Fr.Patricio and continue to pray that he may be completely restored to health.

Thanking your for your love, care, concern and prayers.

Fraternally yours,

Tony svd