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USC on Dialogue

Cebu is also known as the cradle of Christianity in Asia. One of the many visible changes these days is the presence of Muslims in the city proper. Most of them are stall vendors along the sidewalk of the main streets and even in some supermarkets. Though their presence in the Schools and Universities is minimal, yet it gives a new awareness to the campus ministers. In our case, out of 17,000 students of the University of San Carlos a hundred of them are Muslims coming from Mindanao. According to them, they choose our school precisely because of the quality of education it gives.

Following the spirit of Prophetic Dialogue, the PHS Communication Coordinator in collaboration with the Campus Ministry of the University of San Carlos initiated a Christian-Muslim Dialogue of Life last December 1, 2007 at the USC-main campus. There were 35 Christian and Muslim student leaders from the University of San Carlos and other Universities of Cebu City. Frs. Isagani Ehido, Sammy Clarin and the campus ministers are optimistic that the bond among students will erase the imprint biases between the two great religions. Core group was created and everybody is looking forward for the next meeting and realization of the desired action plans.