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March 4, 2008

Black Catholics in Chicago
TV News Features St. Elizabeth Church

There was a four-minute story on FOX Chicago, channel 32, 10 PM news last Friday, February 29, 2008. As part of a series of stories prepared for Black History month, this news feature tells of the legacy of Black Catholics in Chicago focusing on St. Elizabeth’s parish – its heritage, church and school over the past 75 years and looking forward to renewed growth. In the story, it profiles favorably the pastor, Rick Andrus, the Society of the Divine Word and its ministry to immigrants and African Americans.

To view the news clip, click on the link below (or paste the address into your internet browser). When the page opens, scroll down to the third story and “Click on QuickView” to see the four-minute news segment.


00:18:18 TZ; Leap of faith: Nearly 100 years ago, one Chicago parish modeled a relationship between Blacks and the Catholic Church that brought light to both. V; St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church. I; Rev. Richard Andrus, SVD, pastor, St. Elizabeth's, says the bishop at that time also wanted people to understand that black Catholics could attend any church that they wanted to but didn't want white Catholics coming in and taking over their church. I; Patrick Pender, St. Elizabeth's Alumnus and teacher, says those nuns pushed me. 00:23:02

This internet link will be live until March 20. We hope to obtain a DVD for the Archives, and may be able to place the video clip on the Chicago Province website.

We applaud Rick Andrus and the community at Saint Elizabeth’s, rejoice in the SVD’s long history in the Black Catholic community, and commend ALL those ministering in our parishes among immigrants or with the poor.

Mark E. Weber, SVD