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From: "USC Provincial"
Date: Tue, September 2, 2008 10:01 am

Hurricane Gustav Update

Dear Confreres,

As you know, Gustav passed over Jamaica and landed on the Louisiana coast. Thankfully, our men in Jamaica are all OK, as are our confreres in the Southern Province.

Walter Mendoca in Jamaica sent this report:

Greetings and Blessings from Morant Bay...Jamacia. This is to inform you that all of us are safe in spite of the Gusty Gustav. The tropical storm passed over us bringing lots of heavy rains with gusty winds of high velocity. There was flooding all over. We get the news of lots of damage around the highland. Last night around it poured dogs and cats. Here in St.Thomas 21 people including a little baby who were traveling in a mini bus, around 9 pm were marooned as their bus was drifted by the currents into the cane fields. They had no way to come out. It rained all through the night. You can imagine the plight of these people. They were rescued in the morning and were admitted to hospital. A bridge closer to the city has given way and we are totally cut off from the city. People have lost houses because of floods and mud-slides. When I call people and talk to them, one thing I hear from everyone's mouth is "Thank God, we are alive".

Do keep us in your prayers and especially those who have been affected by Gustav in the Caribbean ... Blessings.


Jim Pawlicki sent this report today concerning the Southern Province:


Just a quick update concerning the effects of Hurricane Gustav on our Southern Province. It is still raining here but I can share some information. From what I have gathered in a few calls all our men are okay.

As for damages I am not yet aware of any major difficulties. Sebastian may have lost part of the roof on the Church but he didn't want to climb up there to see. All he knows is he has a lot of water in the Church. There was a concern that Jaison in Opelousas lost a roof for a shelter he was providing for refugees. Apparently that is not true. Here in Bay Saint Louis we lost one upstairs window in Wendel hall. As a result my office received water from the upstairs where water came in through that broken window. Everything else is fine. I am using internet in the new Province buildings. These buildings suffered absolutely no damage and have electricity and hot water. We have no power here at the Residence. When that will be restored is hard to say. Also no stores, etc. are open. No phones or Internet. Worst of all...no television! We will let the residents know when they can return here to the Bay. I have no idea when day that will be. I will write a more detailed report later.


jim pawlicki, svd

Mark E. Weber, SVD