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Photo Credit: La Croix - Urbi&Orbi Africa

From: AJ Family

Sr. Veronika Theresia Racková, SSpS

From: Fr. Heinz Kulüke, SVD

21 May 2016

Sr. Maria Theresia Hörnemann, SSpS
Congregational Leader
Casa Generalizia
Via Cassia 645
1-00189 Roma

Sr. Veronika Theresia Racková, SSpS

Dear Sr. Maria Theresia,
Dear Sisters,

Greetings of God's Mercy and Resurrection!

The violent and sudden death of Sr. Veronika has left us with deep sadness and grief. In the name of the Society of the Divine Word, I want to express to all of you our deepest condolences and assure you of our prayers.

My first encounter with Sr. Veronika was in South Sudan, in a very difficult mission that requires extraordinary people. I strongly felt that with her gifts, skills, profession, attitude and dedication, she was the right woman in the right place; she has proven this more than once in very difficult situations, particularly when the people and her Holy Spirit Sisters or SVD brothers needed her help. With her sense of practicality she would see solutions where others would only see unsolvable problems. She was on fire with a special mission and this animated others as well.

When meeting Sr. Veronika again at the end of her renewal course, this fire was burning stronger than ever. Our conversation in Rome continued where it had ended in South Sudan. She was full of enthusiasm and plans for the mission in South Sudan. She knew the dangers involved, the increasing violence of a never-ending conflict, and yet when asked whether she was afraid, her answer made it obvious that her love for the people and the Lord's mission in South Sudan was stronger than any fear - not knowing that she would soon become a victim of the senseless violence herself. The world and the mission in South Sudan will be much poorer without her!

I will remember Sr. Veronika for her sincerity, her selfless commitment, her kindness, her dedication and her humor as well. She was ready to serve, happy to share the good news and support, and creative in addressing the numerous challenges that such a special mission brings.

Together with you and all our confreres, we thank the Lord for her life. May He give to all those who grieve and mourn the grace and strength to bear the pain knowing that Sr. Veronika will rest in His eternal peace!

United in the Divine Word,

Heinz Kulüke, SVD
Superior General

From: SSpS Generalate
Date: 20 May 2016

Preciosa es la vida entregada por la misión

See: Precious Is the Life Given For Mission - WorldSSpS

Queridas Hermanas,
Queridos hermanos

Hoy, en el día de Madre Josefa, reciban nuestros cordiales saludos.

Todas/todos nosotras/nosotros hemos estado orando mucho por un milagro para Hna. Veronika Theresia Racková, quien luchó por su vida hasta el final. Sentimos mucho tener que informarles su fallecimiento acaecido a pesar de todos los esfuerzos realizados por los equipos médicos.

Ella entrego su vida y murió por el pueblo de Sudan del Sur. Unamos nuestras oraciones para que la entrega de su sangre y muerte se transforme en semillas de paz para el pueblo de Sudan del Sur y para todo el mundo. Encomendamos su alma a Dios Uno y Trino a quien ella amó hasta el final.

Más adelante les haremos llegar más informaciones.

Unidas en oración por el eterno descanso de la Hna. Verónica. Compartimos el dolor con las hermanas y hermanos en Sudan del Sur y la hermanas en Eslovaquia, como también el dolor de su propia hermana Paula Racková.

Hna. Maria Theresia Hörnemann y equipo

From: Collegio Rector
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 03:25:11 -0700 (PDT)

RIP - È deceduta Suor Veronika Terézia Racková SSpS

Triste notizia

P. Igor mi ha appena comunicato che Suor Veronica Rackova SSpS è morta circa 40 minuti fa.

Ricordiamo lei nelle nostre preghiere anche ricordiamo la sua famiglia e la Congregazione delle Serve dello Spirito Santo in questo momento di dolore.

Come dice P. Igor: Speriamo che l’offerta della sua vita porterà tanti frutti spirituali nella nostra famiglia spirituale.

Nico Espinosa, SVD
Rettore - Collegio del Verbo Divino - Casa Generalizia SVD

From: Sr. Maria Jerly Renacia, SSpS

Sister Dr. Veronika Racková SSpS in ICU


Dear Sisters, Brothers, Friends,

"The Lord is my light and my salvation: whom do I fear?
The Lord is my life’s refuge: of whom am I afraid?" Ps. 27:1

We are grateful to all of you for being in solidarity with us in prayers and loving concern for Sr. Veronika at this moment of pain.

Sr. Veronika in a critical condition, after being helped by the Medical Team of Dr. Graham Poole in their Hospital in Yei, South Sudan, was airlifted to Kenya by AMREF on 16th May 2016 and taken to Nairobi Hospital directly. The AMREF ambulance reached the hospital at 9:15 pm where Sr. Veronika was received and taken care of immediately by the Medical team who were expectantly waiting for her arrival. Sr. Maria Jerly and Fr. Albert SVD, the Provincial Superior of the Kenya –Tanzania province, were also there waiting.

Sr. Veronika is in the ICU with strict monitoring and care. Since day before yesterday, the medical staff attending her tried their best to stabilize her. She has developed a severe infection due to the nature of the injuries in her bowels which are affecting her very much. She is unconscious until now with respiratory support and continuous cardiac monitoring. Her kidneys are not functioning and her general condition is deteriorating. She was so weak that they only attempted to operate her yesterday morning. She endured the surgery, they found other perforations, they cleaned and repair them but she is still very delicate. When they brought her back from the operation theater she developed again a cardio-respiratory arrest for about 5 minutes. We witness it and were praying for her. She came back after resuscitation, fighting for life. We were able to talk to the doctor assisting her and were told honestly of her delicate and critical condition.

Yesterday, we were also grateful for the presence of the Slovak Ambassador and Consul who came and spent 3 hours with us in the hospital while waiting for the doctor attending Veronika to give us the report of her condition. Together we were allowed to see Sr. Veronika and prayed together on her bedside holding her hand and blessing her.

We continue to ask your prayers for God to grant her Jesus’ merciful healing, asking too, for His compassionate love for the people who wounded her. And for us, that we may be open to the Holy Spirit’s grace in accordance to the Father’s will to accept with faith whatever may happen in the coming hours of Sr. Veronika’s condition.

United with you in prayers and gratitude to God,

Sr. Maria Jerly Renacia, SSpS
Regional Leader of Ethiopia-South Sudan

From: Fr. Andrzej Dzida SVD

Prayer Request For Sister Veronica SSpS

I'd like inform you about shooting incident to our Sr. Veronica, our doctor from St. Bakhita in Yei, South Sudan. Sr. Veronica from Slovakia is actually only one pionner sisters remaining in SSD and she serve our people 6 years (before she was in Ghana). She is very serious in doctor/sister vocation and help people even at night.

Since one year in St. Bakhita Health Center we have also maternity department. However, in some complicated cases with pregrancy delivery like premature birth and cesar cutting the mothers are sending to Harvest Hospital that is in suburbs of Yei. This is only one hospital who has even equipment and incubators (for premature born).

In this day Sunday Pentacost (15th May) after our mass in Lainya with Fr. Romy and Br. Vincent we celebrated late afternoon and evening feast in Yei. We pray, eat and joy together.

At this day Sr. Veronica she was a little tired, because of her duty at night, but she was ready to go with one of premature birth case by ambulance to the Harvest Hospital.

Around midnigt was another case with pregnacy of twins and she went alone. On her way back from hospital around 1.00-2.00am she was shooted with many bullets in direction to ambulance. Five holes in the car was finding. Unfortuntelly, one of the bullet gravly wounded our Sr. Veronica. The bullet destroy internal part of stomach and hip.

Sr. Veronica was found thanks to anonymous call to Vicar General and she was outside the car. After 7 hours surgery and adjustment she was prepared to transfer to Nairobi hospital by plane. We with sisters accompany Sr. Veronica to the Yei Airport at 5.30 p.m. From there she and Sr. Nancy arrived to Nairobi.

I request for prayer for our Sr. Veronica who served in South Sudan.

I pray for her in the day of my patron St. Andrzej Bobola

Fr. Andrew
/Andrzej Dzida Svd VMS-SSD/