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Present situation in Ukraine

Last Thursday, February 24, 2022, the situation between Russia and Ukraine came to a breaking point and turned into an open military conflict with all its implications.
Fr. Sylwester Grabowski SVD, the Provincial Superior of Poland, communicated with Fr. Superior General and informed him about our confreres working in western part of Ukraine:

“At the moment, Fr. Wojciech Żółty and Fr. Adam Kruczyński are in Ukraine, and Fr. Jerzy Czarnecki is in Poland.
O. Wojciech Żółty prepares rooms where the refugees from Eastern Ukraine can be accommodated if needed.
The situation is tense but stable, although people are making large stocks of food by buying up what is in the stores and also medicines.
If there is any military action in Western Ukraine, I will keep you updated.”

Source: Fr. Sylwester Grabowski, SVD