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Mozambique: Cyclone Gombe hit Mozambique (17.03.2022)

Greetings from Mozambique region.

Through this letter I would like to inform you that once again our Region is badly hit by the tropical cyclone Gombe on March 15. Especially our five parishes assisted by our two communities of north district, Monapo and Liupo. Lot of people lost their houses and farms.

Till now there is no proper communication. The Liupo community is completely isolated from Nampula and Monapo. According to the information that we received, the majority of the people lost their houses and now they are in the schools or some other buildings and with family members whose houses have survived the cyclone.

Our confreres as well as SSpS sisters are trying to meet the people and working out possibilities of helping the people. There is hope of getting some immediate help from the Caritas. But that may not be sufficient for the number of people who lost their houses and belongingness. There are some organizations (NGOs) on the ground but still not clear about their plan of helping the people.

At present people are in need of food, clothes, some medical assistance and a shelter to stay. Eventually we may need some help, for reconstructing their houses, especially for elderly, widows and people who have no one to take care of them and have lost everything.

Source: Fr. Johnson Furtado, SVD
Regional of Mozambique